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Learn how to handle Co-Star & Guest Star Dramatic TV material. Cops, nurses, doctors, lawyers, military, victims, villains, witnesses, reporters, grieving husbands, worried moms -- these roles are the easiest entry for actors looking to get their first tv or film credit. Learn how to crack the code and be prepared for these kinds of auditions -- using real audition scenes from real shows. Meets 3 consecutive Saturdays.


Week 1 - Cold Reading, Short Scenes Practice

Week 2 - Large Medical/Law Enforcement/Legal Scene


Week 3 - Large Emotional/ Victim/Survivor Scene

All class and course sales are final. If you cannot make the class or course that you signed up for, you may receive credit for the full amount towards another class, course, or one-on-one coaching as they become available - and as the teacher's schedule permits. We do not offer refunds if a student cancels or reschedules. In emergency situations, class and course times and dates are subject to change. However, we will always credit a student for what has been paid, and that credit will not expire and can be used towards any future purchase. Please note: classes and courses taught by Lisa Zambetti Casting are learning experiences. These classes and courses are not auditions for the teacher nor an employment opportunity, nor a promise nor guarantee of future acting work. When the class or course is over, the teacher will not keep on file your headshot, resume or promotional materials.

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Lisa Zambetti, CSA 



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“ Felt so good to share a safe space with actors and to play. I found the joy in my work again. My biggest take away out of many was the things that stand out on a self-tape and how important it is to know my lines and the tone of the scene. Profession forward or emotion forward and why the writer wrote it . “ 

- Natalie Lymor

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When you take Lisa’s class, you will get honest feedback, scenes that will mentally and physically challenge you, but most of all, a fresh take on the other side of the camera. She pushes you during her 3 week class and you finish the class stronger than you started. Lisa’s class will be a staple in my training knowing she understands actors and how to pull different jewels out of each performance that brings individually to every scene. I 100% recommend taking one of her classes - your auditions/scenes will thank you!

- Jency Allison Weeks

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Lisa's class was 100%  no BS and packed full of incredibly useful information. She brought her years of experience as an actress and Casting Director, providing a unique perspective that I've found very rewarding. She really breaks down the specific differences between emotion-forward and profession-forward scenes showing us what does and doesn't work for those types of roles. She also gave us a list of "10 Really Good Things" based on an in-depth analysis of all the auditions she's watched over the years that was an eye-opener and will prove to be a game-changer!!!

- Matt Cannon

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"Lisa, your breakdown of co-star vs guest star roles for network procedurals was so incredibly helpful and eye opening.  It really hammered home what casting is expecting from the actor and how to knock an audition out of the park.  Definitely recommending your workshop to my actor friends."

- Clark Moore

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"I found Lisa's class exactly what I hoped and needed...a quick but focused workshop on various roles, from one liners to guest stars. The material was tailored to each of us, and Lisa herself meets you where you are at. She's the correct amount of kind and critical, and Lisa challenges you to push further and deeper in your technique. If you see it offered...take this class!"

- Chris Bashen

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“ Lisa’s classes are perfect for the actor at any place in their career. Her experience as both a performer and a casting director helps establish a tailored program for each actors needs”

- Lauren Mccann


"Lisa has a great balance between being real and direct while also building scene WITH her students. She is a great director!"
- Aver Hamilton